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No one ever called Smith Island Cake a health food.

Its 26 grams of fat make it worse than bacon-wrapped meatloaf.


Insect protein is much easier to raise than beef.

Insects need less water to grow and less energy. Thats because insects dont need to grow feathers, horns or any other pointless, inedible extras. They also require less space and breed like, well insects. Lets take a look at some of the globes most delicious insect dishes.


Not sure if its the way you eat these, or the look on their consumer’s faces, but these edible, flavored, iced guns are startling and bizarre.


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What was once the domain of a passionate few has mushroomed into a hobby for many: eating for sport.

And as that hobby becomes more mainstream, it also becomes more self-aggrandizing, a pompous satire of itself.