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The Business of American Vacations [Infographic]



Mad men and mad women, ponds and dragonflies, in Durham, North Carolina.


Located in the Mikata area of Tokyo, the off-kilter lofts look more like a McDonalds playground than residences meant for elderly adults.

Much like the very popular Nintendo DS game Brain Age, each crazy-looking unit was designed to stimulate the senses far beyond what a typical older person is used to in their daily lives, keeping them nimble.


Three Florida children bought tickets with baby-sitting money and flew to Nashville, Tennessee on Southwest Airlines, unbeknownst to their parents.


The undersea river, up to 115 feet deep in places, carries a volume of water 10 times greater than Europe’s biggest river, the Rhine.


Getting drunk at a bar in New York City will cost you big bucks if youre not careful.

On average, a martini in Manhattan (or a Manhattan Iced Tea if you wish) will run from $10 to $14 bucks. Since we know you wont have just one, prepare to spend a fatty wad of cash on booze, say $100 per night. Sound good? Hell no. OTP is here to help you out.