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The New York Times, which famously insists on the accuracy of its reports, was red faced Sunday after being fooled by a hoax online editorial posted under the name of ex-boss Bill Keller.

The editorial, titled “WikiLeaks, a Post Postscript,” was purportedly published over the weekend by the Times and in every way appears to be the real thing from Keller, who until last September was the paper’s executive editor.

The article appeared on a web pa



Leaving work behind while you’re supposed to be on vacation is basically impossible, according to two recent surveys.

These days, vacations are barely even vacations. Thanks to smartphones, laptops, tablet devices ” oh, and your jerk-off boss ” its practically impossible to go anywhere without the office tagging along.


Britain’s Got Talent may have finished, but Simon Cowell can’t stop banging on about how rubbish he thinks The Voice is.

Simon, the schedule clash is over, stop now!


As Rick Silva’s turn on “Undercover Boss” began this past Friday, he spent time singing the praises of his company’s high standards.

The CEO of the Checkers and Rally’s fast-food burger chain demands “perfection,” he said, and makes regular use of focus groups to test the chain’s burgers. But on his in-disguise visits to three restaurants, he heard an entirely different story.


Blame your boss.

Having a bad boss ” second only to compensation ” is one of the main reasons why workers are dissatisfied with their jobs, reported theFit. Those most likely to be dissatisfied make less than $50,000 and are in their 20s. Bad boss behaviors such as taking credit and asking employees to reschedule their vacation plans can add to employees’ dissatisfaction.


Not everyone is recovering.

About 12.8 million people are out of work and what’s especially troubling, according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, is the large number of long-term unemployed ” more than 40 percent have been jobless more than six months.
The long-term unemployed don’t fit into any neat category. They’re young and old. They have high school diplomas and master’s degrees. Some become so discouraged, they stop looking for a


They have been lambasted for their long working hours, for taking their laptops on holiday and obsessively checking their emails.

But now there is good news for workaholics everywhere “ their fixation with work is not necessarily a bad thing.